Fantawild "Beautiful China Trilogy" Series

“Beautiful China Trilogy” series includes three prototype parks themed on Chinese culture: The Oriental Heritage Park, which displays traditions of ancient China; the Glorious Orient, showing the glories of modern China; and Tomorrow’s China, which gives visitors an outlook on China’s future.

Among them, the Oriental Heritage parks have opened in 8 cities and more are under planning or construction. The first two Glorious Orient parks recently opened in Ganzhou and Ningbo in 2021, and three more planned in Huai’an, Zhengzhou and Jingzhou. The first of Tomorrow’s China parks is under the planning, targeting to make its debut in Fantawild’s Ningbo resort.

  • Fantawild Oriental Heritage;

    Glorious Orient;

    Tomorrow’s China

  • Multiple cities in China

  • 2021-2025+