Fantawild Bonnie Bears Parks

Fantawild’s Boonie Bears film and TV series have experienced strong success over the past few years. The company is planning small to medium-sized theme park prototypes featuring Boonie Bears.

Each park will include more than 10 indoor and outdoor rides and attractions, as well as Boonie Bears characters, scenes, and stage shows. The first Boonie Bear Park is expected to open in Heze, Shandong province, with a reported investment of CNY 1 billion. Other future Boonie Bears parks locations include Xiamen, Huai’an and Yingtan. In addition, Fantawild is building the first Boonie Bears Town in Fantawild’s Ningbo resort. The town will be Fantawild’s first tourism resort town project in China.

  • Boonie Bears Park

  • Multiple cities in China

  • 2021-2025+